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Guv’nor Locksmiths offer Perth’s northern suburbs a range of residential locksmith services. We provide services including replacing or installing door locks, deadbolts, window locks, security door locks, sliding door locks, and gate locks. Having 24/7 access to a residential locksmith that you can trust is important for any household. Guv’nor Locksmiths can also help you with:


  • Key cutting, re-keying of existing locks, keying alike
  • Supply & installation of all types of locks, or replace lost keys & open locked doors
  • Deadlocks & dead-latches
  • Entrance sets and passage sets
  • Padlocks and locks for cabinets


Your Perth key and lock expert


We mentioned that Guv’nor Locksmiths provide re-keying and keying alike services, but what does this mean?


Re-keying your existing locks is a cost-effective way of replacing your locking system without having expensive new locks installed. Keying alike means replacing the locks in your home so that all locks can be opened with a single key, saving you and your family from searching through a bunch of keys to find the right one!


If your home requires new locks, but you’re not sure which options suit you, contact the home security specialists at Guv’nor Locksmiths today for advice – we’d love to help you out!


Your rental and real estate agent locksmith experts Perth


Rental property owners and real estate agents managing rental properties are governed by rental property security standards that must be adhered to according to the Western Australian Government Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety.


Guv’nor Locksmiths can help you navigate tenancy laws and legal requirements when it comes to locksmith services. We can inspect rental properties and provide a report detailing what needs to be done to keep your property portfolio above board.


Give Guv’nor Locksmiths a call, and we can have a chat about your rental property requirements.


24 Hour Locksmith Emergency Services Perth


Guv’nor Locksmiths provide Perth’s northern suburbs with emergency locksmith services at any time of the day or night, seven days a week. If you have lost your keys or locked yourself out of your home or vehicle, we can help!

Guv’nor Locksmiths provide cost-effective residential emergency services starting from $130 – giving you:

  • a response time that is second to none,
  • fast, reliable service
  • emergency-awareness – getting your life back on track ASAP


We have been dealing with lock emergencies in Perth for over a decade. Guv’nor Locksmiths are Perth’s experts at providing security emergency solutions for our customers.


Contact Guv’nor Locksmiths for your Residential Locksmith needs in Perth


Our motto is “Value, Integrity, Security.” The team at Guv’nor Locksmiths live up to this by ensuring all of our clients feel safe in their homes and in the knowledge that we are just a phone call away. We will always provide our Perth clients with high-quality work at competitive prices. Contact us today (or the next time you have a lock emergency!) to find out how we can help.