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Have you just moved into a new home, or have you been living in your home for a while now but haven’t had time to think about how secure your doors and locks really are?

No one wants to be the victim of home break-in and theft – but unfortunately this is one of Australia’s most common crimes. In fact, in 2015-16, theft was the third most highly recorded crime in Australia, with 74,911 offenders. Home security should be on the top of everyone’s to-do list, but it can be hard to know where to start.


When auditing your home, make sure you look at the following areas:

  • Security doors
  • Main entry/exit doors
  • Windows


Are your security doors really keeping you safe?


The presence of security doors in your home are a great way to keep you and your family safe, but in order to be really effective, security doors need to be in great condition.


Does your security door have finger guards to prevent the lock on your door from being tampered with? Have you considered installing triple locks to increase the strength and security of your doors?

If you’re not sure if your security doors are keeping you safe, contact Guv’nor Locksmith today and talk to us about your concerns.


Are your main entry and exit doors making you and your family an easy target for theft?


The main entry and exit doors in your home should be solid and strong. It’s also a great idea to have a viewer installed in your front door, so you can see who is outside without opening your door.


One of the most important components of main entry and exit doors is adequate locking mechanisms. Dead locks are the best type of lock to use for maximum security. And for safety and ease-of-use, your entry and exit door keys should all be keyed-alike, so you only have one key that opens and locks all doors.

Talk to Guv’nor Locksmiths today about our locksmith services – we can help make your home as safe and secure as possible.


Are your windows secure?


Windows are another potential weak spot where offenders could easily enter your home if the correct security measures are not in place.

The windows in your home should have key-operated locks, and should all be keyed-alike so that one key can open and lock all windows in your home. Of course, your keys should always be kept in a secure location.


If the windows in your home are missing these security measures, you may be putting yourself and your family in unnecessary danger from potential intruders. Contact the team at Guv’nor Locksmiths today and talk about our range of locksmith services that can help your home be safer.


We provide locksmith services to both residential and commercial customers, and we also offer emergency locksmith services starting from $130 should the unexpected happen. Talk to Matt from Guv’nor Locksmiths today and find out how we can help you stay safe at home or in the office today!