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Service & Repairs

You will have a number of door locks in your home or commercial premises and sooner or later one or more of them will stop operating smoothly. Door locks have moving parts and therefore, can stop working or become awkward to use. Parts wear out and malfunction. The door lock aligns with other features of the door, and may need calibrating from time to time. Tightening, adjusting, lubricating and general servicing may be all that is required. As a professional locksmith we carry all the specialist tools required to take locks apart and get them back to their perfect working order.


Servicing your locks will extend their life, improve their reliability and save you money. As a guide we recommend servicing your locks every 5 years or so and more frequently if you live near to the ocean as salt air will have more of an effect on their smooth operation. Servicing the locks throughout your home or workplace is relatively inexpensive and will give you peace of mind knowing that all locks are working smoothly and without hindrance.


In the event that a lock stops working or becomes troublesome and awkward to use it may not be necessary to replace the lock. Repair may be a viable alternative to the supply and installation of a completely new lock and particularly in commercial premises this may be a much more cost effective option for you. Our technician will inspect your locks and let you know if they feel the locks can be repaired for a reasonable price.

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